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  • We recently added custom domain support, so you can point whatever domain you like to a forum on Microcosm.

    The first site using this properly is

    It's easy to set up, all you need to do is CNAME your domain to {yoursubdomain}

    At the moment you need to tell us in advance so that we can update your site in the database, but soon you'll be able to do it from the site management dashboard.

  • Hi @blueprints, any news on when it'll be possible to manage custom domains from the dashboard?

    I've set up on Heroku. It's pretty slow as only one dyno is running and it idles all the time, but it's jut for testing. I had some things I'd like to try out as a way of learning my way around the Microcosm API.


  • I can add it manually if you like. The dashboard won't be getting new features for a while.

  • If you could add it manually that'd be great. Thanks!

  • Just looking in to this. Were you hoping to have point to the islington site? At the moment we only support one custom domain per site.

    But if you have a test site you've set up, I can easily add as its domain. Just let me know the subdomain on *

  • I'd just like to point to my test site at - the live Islington site will remain unaffected.

  • Ok, should be done now. Let me know if you have any problems.

  • Hi, has the domain been added rather than When I look at the Microcosm dashboard I see the following:

    But the test site is actually supposed to be at (note the rather than .cc)

  • Updated, might take a while for cache to clear.

  • Thanks @blueprints. One more question - I'm currently getting a 404 on static files e.g.­hemes/1/css/bootstrap.min.css but­/css/bootstrap.min.css is OK. Any ideas?

  • Please disregard the above message, it's sorted now!

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Custom domain support

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