Staying Logged In

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  • I seem to have to re-login using persona quite frequently.

    I wish I didn't have to.

  • How often is this happening and with which browser?

    The cookie should be persistent.

  • Chrome, on windows and android.

    Once a week, maybe as often as daily.

  • This still doesn't seem to work :-(

  • Sorry, I've been buried away on some other parts of the system.

    If you could provide a bit more information that'd be great:

    Are you using Chrome on both Windows and Android? Does it only happen in Chrome?

    Does it happen every time you close and re-open your browser?

    When you say you need to log in again - does the page say the cookie has expired? Or do you just get a normal page without logged-in status?

    The code that sets cookies may fail in certain cases so I can take a closer look.

    In the meantime, I'll have a look at the server logs and see if there is anything happening that's specific to your account.

  • Very often I have to login seconds after logging in if I use the back button. Only Persona thinks I'm still logged in and it's a real dance with the Persona pop-up to freeze it before it closes so I can actually re-click the Sign In button.

    TBH Persona sucks. Please, please implement social sign in via Facebook.

  • If I stay logged in on my phone but then log in and out via my work PC will that cause issues with my Following tab?

  • What sort of issues? If you're logged out it won't reflect that you've read something, but it won't automatically "mark all as read" if you then login. Or have I misunderstood?

  • Possibly, but my explination might be a bit off.
    I want to keep my phone logged in for a month but on a PC I log out of each session when I'm done. Will Microcosm get that I've read a thread logged in on a PC but then pick up on any new posts if I then look at thread on my phone an hour later (in the the same way that you can run a synched version of Firefox on multiple devices).

  • Actually, David may have answer this in a LFGSS thread (Subtle Changes #4132). As far as I understand it, caches are dynamic and are read each time so logging in and out of multiple devices should work without affecting whether post are read or not.

  • Precisely.

    We'll update the "read" information and act on it so long as you are signed in.

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Staying Logged In

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