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    Coffee and Cake ride was the only text, plus the address.

    I'll ask our web team for help

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    Also, some events I'm getting shut out by the council IT:

    Access denied according to corporate policy
    Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Games"

    Any idea what could be triggering that?

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    OK, thanks for your thoughts on that. You are the forum guy. I bow...

    You seem to be saying we have a good working set up as is.

    Regarding my steering the structure, I have tried to set out a few conversation starters, but I probably should delete any empty ones that do not catch fire. Do you agree?

    Lunch would be great - with/without the discussion - and I'm buying this time.

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    Plus some events are not showing the Count Me In option

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    If I had a choice for date format, it would be DD-MM-YY or DD-MM-YYYY

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    I have posted a few events and each time I find that the date shown is not the one I entered for the event. Usually it comes up a day earlier. I keep trying and eventually it accepts the correct date, but the time slips to the wrong time. When I correct the time, the date slips. The best I get is the correct date with the correct start time, but I am unable to get the end time right, as that forces another item to slip.

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    I would like to be able to better organise our Microcosm site and be able to create another level of Micriocosms.

    At the moment there are three levels:
    Microcosm> Conversation/Event> Posting
    e.g. On the Rivet > Sportives>Postings

    It does not work for me.

    It would be better if we could do this:

    Parent Microcosm> Child Microcosm>Conversation/Event> Posting

    That means we can have folders for topics in each area, like this:
    On the rivet > TimeTrialling > Brickendon 10s
    On the rivet > TimeTrialling > Club TT
    On the rivet > TimeTrialling > Hardriders 25

    Then you can post and it is not lost in a stream. That is what we want to get away from from Facebook. A single stream of multiple events is a mess.

    The owner would control the parents and all users could create the children.

    The alternative, to allow Microcosms of all kinds on the first level is unacceptable to me, as we want to keep the first page you see clean and minimal. Just five areas to start with.

    Can that happen?