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    That's an awesome answer, thanks very much for its fullness and depth. I think you may have swayed me over :) I also, like you, am seeking to provide a user experience that is happy with what they find on a site. That is meets their expectations, and reduces unnecessary downtime in the process. So all good!

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    Sorry, I'm calling a sub-forum (an autonomous, private group) a "group" for this message.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Can the owner of a single, social community site allow an unlimited no. of groups to be created? (and I mean: 1000, 2000, 5000, etc...?)

    2. Does the cost to the owner for having so many groups go up, and if so, how is your pricing model based? (maybe right now you're in Beta mode, but what can we expect/look forward to going forward... and when will that be?)

    3. Having so many private groups can cause a major problem - for visitors. How is it possible to view a list of all (or specific) groups without going from page to page, in alphabetic or chronological order? The problem is like looking through 25-30 pages of Google results, one page at a time, to look for just the one group you're specifically after!

    Suggestion 1: is there a "Search" function to locate groups by key word or phrase in - a group name? or - in the description of each group?

    Suggestion 2: have an index or menu of groups which are classified by "category". That would mean being able to categorise groups by the categories specified by the whole site owner. Each private group moderator will be able to allocate their group to one of those pre-set categories, but this must be a mandatory step in creating a new group. Indexing and categorising groups is essential to finding what you're looking for, in the future I believe.

    Your feedback on these points will be very helpful, thank you very much.

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    At lower levels, within a forum/section, the first part of the sell has already been achieved and the user is now within the site and interacting with it. The sales pitch is virtually over... the key bit now is customer retention.

    I agreed with everything you said before this, but I don't agree with this statement.

    For the very simple reason that is you are remaining true to your stated (defining) purpose of providing an independant sub-forum (or section, or microcosm, whichever you like to call it) experience, where each sub-forum is almost responsible for making its own rules, admitting its own members according to its own criteria, and having its own unique members and topics, then definitely you need to promote the same big (vanity) numbers for each sub-forum too. They each in their own right need help with their own promotion and publicity.

    That's where the stats on each sub-form meta-bar is as valuable (to that sub-forum) as the big stats on the main forum meta bar.

    Another way to look at is like this: the main (parent) forum can be almost rendered completely insignificant, because people don't go to it for the sake of it, they go there because they have to. To find the sub-forum that they really want to engage with, the rest can go and take a jump as far as they are concerned. The main forum is only a mask, the sub-forum is where all the action happens at the localised level, the whole purpose I thought you had for "microcosms"?

    At the end of the day, regardless of how we differ in our opinions, how hard is it technically to implement this meta bar statistical reporting feature at a sub-forum level anyway? Are we just splitting hairs here when it comes to technicalities?

    Some people would like it (and confirm my position) and others wouldn't care if they were there or not (confirming your position). You can't please everyone all the time. But what you are doing is being faithful and true to one of the main differential feature from other social community sites: the lowest level autonomous community. If so, then treat as though they deserve to know their own stats too.

    I appreciate your thoughts David.

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    That's very well thought out and considered.

    I'd go along with that reasoning too.

    Nice to know each sub-forum really is an autonomous entity in more ways than one. Individuals are bound to like this.

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    Spot on, I'd be happier with that than the current set-up. If caching updates whenever any content within the forum updates, that would be good enough for me - as I said, a good improvement.

    Is it also possible to list no. of members on that page, plus no. topics/ conversations, etc, such as you do on your Support Forum?