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    When you create a forum section and are viewing it, the link at the right ("Who has access to this forum?") will show you the permissions for moderators, logged in users, etc.

    We're currently building the form that will allow you to appoint moderators site-wide. We could do this for you manually for now if you'd like to appoint someone.

    By default, only the site owner has permissions to create a forum section and move/edit/delete others' posts.

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    What sort of issues? If you're logged out it won't reflect that you've read something, but it won't automatically "mark all as read" if you then login. Or have I misunderstood?

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    Updated, might take a while for cache to clear.

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    Ok, should be done now. Let me know if you have any problems.

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    Just looking in to this. Were you hoping to have iccdev.islingtoncc.co.uk point to the islington site? At the moment we only support one custom domain per site.

    But if you have a test site you've set up, I can easily add iccdev.islingtoncc.co.uk as its domain. Just let me know the subdomain on *.microco.sm.

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    I can add it manually if you like. The dashboard won't be getting new features for a while.

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    If you're having trouble logging in with Persona, it's likely to be one of the following things:

    1) I've logged in but the page keeps refreshing

    If you have a reserved username on Microcosm (for example, by being a member of an imported forum), then Microcosm will already have an email address on record for you.

    Due to the way Persona handles email addresses, the email address you use with Persona must exactly match the one we have on record.

    Email us (founders@microcosm.cc) with the email address you're using and we'll make sure they both match.

    2) I've logged in, but when I reopen my browser I've been logged out

    Your browser must have third-party cookies enabled, otherwise Persona will ask you to log in on every new browser session. Details on how to do this for your browser are below:

    Safari on iOS 6/7

    3) I can't log in at all

    This may be down to an unsupported browser, or a security policy applied to your browser (e.g. by your employer) that prevents Persona working.

    If third-party cookies are enabled, and you are still having issues, please visit these two pages:



    ...and email us the results at founders@microcosm.cc and we'll try and help.