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    Presumably, this is the thread for the 'User CP' or whatever replaces it?

    For me, the User CP is the most important feature for navigating LFGSS. I use 'Today's Posts' and 'New Posts' to see what's new and the User CP to follow the threads to which I've subscribed.

    Obviously, being able to follow posts across several different Microcosms would be an enhancement over what is currently the case and would be great.

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    I also think deep categorisation can be useful for purposes like archiving those ever-growing piles of time trial results :), but for everyday purposes, as David says, they're probably a bit of a hindrance.

    I like the current LFGSS way (to which David refers above), with a few sub-forums like 'Rider Down' (so a very limited possibility to sub-categorise), but mostly a growing and impressive list of headline categories expressed as forums.

    One of the delights of LFGSS is that there is a lot of freedom in posting, and I suspect the more categories you added the more people would think 'but this belongs in here or here' and that freedom might be subtly undermined.