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    I do use a Google account with it, but as Persona never knows the login for the Google account, it doesn't ask me for the second factor...

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    I'm not totally sure if this is possiable, or something that you;ve already got planned...

    I'd like to be able to sign into a page somewhere that will show me an overview of all of the threads that I'm following/have posted in across all microcosms that I've used the same Persona account on.

    So for example at the moment it would show me threads from lfgss.microco.sm and meta.microco.sm. Clicking through should take me to the right place to read onwards from.

    This would save me from having to potentailly go to 4 or five different places to quickly see things I'm interested in.

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    I'd like to ask if the sage concept could be included, maybe more explictly than in other places, something like a tick box that says 'don't bump this thread' or similar

    The 'sage' concept, from 4chan (or that's where I've seen it) is basicly if you want to post to a thread, but not bump it, you pop sage in the email address field, it stops a thread being bumped, effectively ignoring that post from the last posted time in a time based sort.

    Obviously it wouldn't work quite like that here, as microcosm doesn't have the same fields, but a 'sage' field might in some places be helpful.

    I had mostly thought of it in relation to things like this thread - https://www.lfgss.com/thread109089.html where anyone explaining to the person in the thread about how and why he's 'breaking the rules' simply gives him the free bumps that he's wanting. Sage would allow you to post to it, and not give the desired bump.

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    I've been doing some digging around Persona, and as far as I can tell, whilst I really like the service, it doesn't seem to offer two factor auth as an option.

    I know that there was some consideration to rolling your own Persona server, if this was done, could two factor auth be added, or is that too big a job? Alternatively, are there any plans for Persona to add two factor auth that you're aware of?

    I'm not sure that this should in any way be urgent, it's just something thats a nice option to have.

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    also I guess this should really have been in the Feature Requests area...

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    Conversations don't have date/time stamps against them. In some ways, this is a good thing. No-one looking at the page can tell what time I started this conversation, but equally, I can't tell when the last post in a conversation was from the main list of conversations.

    I think that what I'd like is the time that the last post was made to be there in the main list of conversations, but in a vague way, so something like:

    • Under an hour ago
    • Under three hours ago
    • Under six hours ago
    • Under twelve hours ago
    • Under a day ago
    • Under two days ago
    • Under five days ago
    • Under a week ago
    • Under two weeks ago
    • Under a month ago
    • Under a year ago
    • Over a year ago